A computer virus or worm is a software program which can damage or destroy data on your machine. These files can find their way to your machine by any means of digital communication and are not limited to Email.

Anti-Virus Software:

Virus protection programs have their place among your suite of installed programs but be aware that they tend to give a false sense of security which might prevent use of good security habits.

If you must receive files from others during the course of your work then it is advisable to install one of the commercial Virus Protection Products but we recommend that you do not rely solely on them. They are helpful in screening out old viruses sent by Email but rarely screen out new, fast-spreading viruses that propagate around the world within hours.

Instead always use these simple guidelines :

Keep your installed software updated with the latest versions and patches. This is especially important for communications and widely-used business software.

Never open any file that is sent to you until you have determined that the file is safe to run. Do not guess or take chances. This is a Catch22 because the only way to make sure that the file is safe is to run it. Few people have a mirror test setup so you may have to rely on your common sense. First question the sender and also by pass the file through freshly updated virus checking software

Make sure the sender of a file is aware that they have sent it to you, sometimes a virus will send a file without the sender’s knowledge.

Make multiple copies of your data at frequent and regular intervals.