Hi-Speed Wireless is a new Imagen service providing Internet access at speeds previously not available in the Southern Gulf Islands. Hi-Speed Wireless is based on wireless technology and is a direct replacement for your telephone based Internet access.

How does it work?

Hi-Speed Wireless works much like your mobile phone, but doesn’t require the use of a phone line or an account with a Telephone company. A small radio is installed in your computer and attached to an antenna which communicates with one of our Access Points.

How fast is it?

Hi-Speed Wireless operates at speeds up to 30x faster than traditional dialup Internet access. The power to choose your Internet speed is now in your hands. A simple call or e-mail to our office and we can increase your connectivity speed in minutes. Once installed, upgrading your Hi-Speed Wireless Internet access won’t require purchasing additional equipment.

What are the advantages?

Your service is on and active 24 hours a day.
No more hassles with dialup and unstable phone connections.
All data between your location and Imagen is transferred at the full capacity of the network.

Large attachments to your email arrive in record time.
No busy signals.

Where is it available?

Hi-Speed Wireless is available to anyone who can see one of our Access Points.
Imagen currently services Ganges, Ganges Harbour, and certain parts of Mount Belcher. We will continue to add Access Points on a regular basis, with our second one providing service to Vesuvius and the majority of North Salt Spring Island. Please contact Imagen today to schedule your free site survey or discuss getting service installed for your area.

What is the monthly cost?

Monthly rates start as low as $49.95 .

What is the initial cost?

The initial hardware and installation cost is unique to each location.