seocalgaryemethodWhen you have a website, you would want to have as much as traffic as possible going to your website in order to increase the potential of generating sales or having ads clicked in your website to produce better income.  While the traffic your website makes through social media may seem much, the thing is that this type of traffic are not really the buying type of traffic, but more like the curious ones.  If you want traffic that has better potential in generating sales, then you need to look into getting traffic coming from search engines.

The reason why traffic coming from search engines are more desirable is that the people clicking your site on the search results have search for a particular term your website is offering – a search phrase you have particularly targeted or that your website targets.  Since they are searching for things you have, it just means they are interested.  This gives the potential of generating some sales from them.  For example, if your website only generates a single sale per week after every ten thousandth visitor, just imagine how much sales you can generate per day if you have this same amount of visitor or more, ones that are interested in what your website has.

For every website/blog owner, generating sales or ad pages being clicked means generating income from the website that you have.  Of course, such an income is not possible without SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  SEO is a method of making your website search engine optimized for a keyword you are targeting.  By applying SEO to your website, crawlers from search engine makers will find your website along with the your keyword relevant for this particular search phrase and will thus show it on search results.  The more relevant your website is – meaning the better SEO you have for your keyword – the better page results you will get on search engine search results.

When it comes to search engines results page (SERP), getting to page one is the most desirable.  If you have been connecting online for quite some time and have done quite a few searches yourself on search engines, you know that you never really get to page 10 of search engine results pages as usually the first 3 to 5 pages are enough to get what you want.  This is why if you want to generate more income from your website, you must strive in getting to at least the first 5 pages of search engine results.

The problem with getting into better SERP is that it is not that easy, especially if the keyword you are targeting is a difficult one – a search phrase that big budgeted websites are also targeting.  For example, you are targeting ‘surveillance systems.’ You will have a hard time competing against the big boys with this search phrase.  It would be better to simply compete with ‘surveillance systems best’ as there are likely fewer competition under this search phrase.

Another important thing to consider in SEO is that this is not something you can do alone.  There are actually SEO companies that provides such services; one of them being.  All the competition hire SEO services to do their SEO for them so if you want to be competitive, this is not something you should attempt to do on your own.  After all, in every business, you need to spend in order to earn more.  The best part in hiring an SEO Company is that they know what works and what do not and you are on your way to online success when you start having SEO Companies to do SEO for you.